Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Swan Teem Steamboat.

So, I have this story I've been longing to immortalize in my blog. I hadn't been able to do so, as I couldn't find the free time to log in to Blame work. T_T 

On Mother's Day, my boyfriend, my brother and I decided to have an awesome dinner at Swan Teem Restaurant, because it serves pork. My boyfriend is pork fanatic. We were eager and all cheery when we arrived. We saw an empty table, as everywhere else was full and chaotic. We were like, Oh hey, there's a table and there's no RESERVED sign on it. 

So, the hungry-and-cheery trios sat down and waited for one of the waiters to take our order (drinks, that is). We waved our hands at some of the them, and one finally came to our table. He had this "You're not supposed to be here" look on his face. He told us to wait for a while, he went to, I don't know where, probably to pick his nose. He came back a few minutes later, and he told us, "Kamu tiga orang saja ka?" Just the three of you?

So, I said yes. He replied curtly, "Tidak bole woo, mesti mau manyak orang punya." I answered, "Hah? Maksud kamu?" Then, another waiter came by our table with a group of people and told us, "Ini meja orang, mereka mau duduk sini. Mereka datang dulu."

I began to see flames in front of me. Like, figuratively. "Habis, kalau mereka punya, mana sign RESERVED?" My boyfriend was already pissed, so we were moved (not we moved) to another free table. Read: No RESERVED sign on the table. We sat down, and a few good minutes later, another waiter came, this time a really young boy. 

"Kamu tiga saja ka?"
"Ya, kenapa, tidak bole meh?"
"Errrr,.... (he whispered something to his friend) tidak bole woo, kamu 3 saja. Mesti mau manyak orang duduk."
"Kamu sapa?"
"Errrr.... Sekejap ah. (He went to his friend at another table and came back) Sorry, tidak dapat. Kami penuh oh." You think I'm blind or what??

My boyfriend replied, "Fuck this shit!", and proceeded to drag my bro and I away. He was aggravated and I could hear my heart beating crazily. 

Being the obstinate me, I decided to confront the manager or supervisor. A woman who appeared to be in charge was taking care of the counter, so I went up to her. 

"Boss, itu meja tidak ada orang, kenapa kami tidak bole duduk sana?"
"Tidak bole owh, itu reserve punya." 
Then a worker proceeded to put the RESERVED sign.
"Yaka? Tadi kami disuruh duduk sana, tidak ada pun? Kenapa sekarang you baru mau letak sign? Kenapa tidak tadi?"
"Kami suda letak tadi. Kami full woo."
"Kamu ingat saya buta ka? Saya tahu, kenapa kamu suruh kami duduk sana tadi kalau itu meja sudah direserve orang??" 
She avoided any eye contact with me by counting money.
"Tadi suda, kami suda letak."
"Saya tidak buta, kami tidak nampak sign di sana. Saya pandai baca."
"Kami memang full sekalang."
"Kenapa you tidak benarkan kami makan sini 3 orang?"
"Meja suda di-book woo."
"Saya tahu, kenapa kami dihalau la?"
"Full woo sekalang ini. Itu meja suda orang punya."

My boyfriend asked me to stop and to forget about it. I wasn't ready to let it go yet.

"Kamu ingat kami tidak ada duit ka? Mentang-mentang kami Dayak."
"Full woo!"
"Kamu ini memang, dahla rude, gila duit, ambil kesempatan. Apa business macam ini? Go to hell la your restaurant!"

People were staring so I decided to leave. To Swan Teem Restaurant, thank you for the ultimate discrimination experience. I couldn't have experienced it any better in other places. 

When business is blooming, they take full advantage and waste no time in gaining lots of profits. Ignore those who come in small groups, take only big ones, they bring in more cash.

Your new theme song: It's all about the money, money, money. We sure need your money, money, money. It's about the cha-ching cha-ching.

Pic taken from a blog.


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