Saturday, December 17, 2011

A miraculous blessing, no?

So, I was on a road trip from Kuching to Sabah for about 2 weeks. It was my very first time sitting for hours in a car instead of travelling on a plane for a couple of hours. I saw and learned many things along the way.

 Princess Arabella and Aunty Fris <-- Not a typo.

Princess demands a hug!

What can I say about Sabah? This would be my third trip to Sabah since 2010. I love Sabah (not the price of the food though). So, what made this trip so memorable? Two things: Being with my boyfriend's family and that very uncanny day.

Brunei is so magnificent! Too bad I didn't get to take a lot of pics.

What happened? I was sitting at Gaya Street's SugarBun, minding my own business. I had finished wandering around the Pasar Tamu and I decided to wait for my boyfriend's family there. An old man had already occupied the seat next to me. I didn't give him any much thought. Suddenly, he turned and told me that he was from Sandakan and he was from the Sungai tribe. I replied with a short oh. He then proceeded telling me that he had come to KK to meet with his son who was on his way from Lawas. 

 At Murut Cultural Centre in Tenom.

I listened to his story. He only had enough money for the bus ride from Sandakan and he slept at a nearby mosque the night before. The bus ride cost him RM 43. He told me that he ate this morning with his last few ringgits. I immediately felt sorry for him but I felt scared, too. What if this was a scam? What if he was a drug addict? 

But, he looked very normal and he did look very starved. He asked if I could spare him a few ringgits just to survive through the day. He also added that he would understand if I didn't do so. I wanted to reach into my purse and hand him a RM10 note, but my conscience told me not to. I was afraid that if I gave him the money, I'd do more harm. 

 Satay in Sipitang.

One for the album. :D

So, I explained to him that I was waiting for my family and I would appreciate it if he would wait for my family to come back. He agreed. We didn't talk for a while, when he suddenly told me that he didn't want to trouble me. So he said goodbye and left. I felt relieved somehow, but I really did sympathize for that man.

A minute later, another old man came. He was carrying a few plastic bags filled with vegetables and food. He kept staring at me and he seemed to be anxious at some point. He sat next to me. I thought he was there to wait for his wife or his family. He then stood up and started walking around Sugarbun, with his eyes fixed on me. I wanted to leave, when he suddenly walked up to me and asked if I was alone. I told him my family was at the tamu and would be back soon. He then asked if I was hungry and if I needed food. 

 I touched an elephant for the very first time!!

Sunset at Pekan Nabalu.

I thought to myself, am I wayyyy too skinny that I look starved?? 

I politely said no and that I just had my breakfast. He didn't seem to hear me, so he asked the same question again. I said no, and told him I needed to go. 

 Breakfast. :D

Aelred's birthday!

I don't know if this is God's way of letting me know that He always has my back no matter what, but what happened next really stunned me. 

That old man said, "Kalau ko mo makan, sia kasi ko duit. Sia kasian sama ko, duduk sorang sini. Sia bukan orang jahat. Nah." Translation: If you want to eat, I'll give you some money. I feel sorry for you, you're sitting alone here. I'm not a bad man.

 Ranau's POW camp.

He then reached into his pocket and placed some money on the table. I rejected the money profusely but he insisted and then he left. Dumbfounded and completely speechless, I stared at the money for quite some time before I finally realized what had happened.

I wouldn't mind to give that old man RM 10 if I had these earlier.

I counted the money- RM61. Now, which stranger would hand you that amount of cash without anything in return?? I quickly left SugarBun to find my boyfriend's family. 

I was thinking, what other things can happen if I stay there any longer?? 

Maybe another old man comes by and hands me a credit card?

A new way to charge your phone!

Ferry ride in Lawas. What a waste of time just to cross a small river. 

 Please build a bridge!

That day, I truly understand the meaning of God works in mysterious ways. 


reeyau said...

you never know how great God works in people right? Did u find the first guy and give him money? How long was the roadtrip to Sabah?

Priscilla Stephen said...

Exactly ruth! I was in Sabah for 4 days only. The roadtrip back to Kuching took me 2 days. T_T

Anonymous said...

errrrrr.., just to inform you filipino prostitutes usually hang out in that area looking for potential customer.
you must have noticed that the area are surrounded with backpacker hostels (tourists-packed area)thus being a great spot for them to get customer easily..
the old man who gave you money must mistaken you for that.

Priscilla Stephen said...

Haha! Really?? Maybe, he could have mistaken me that way! But nevertheless, it was a great moment! hehe


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