Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Baby countdown.

This little angel is about to make her debut on Earth in less than 3 weeks!

I've been feeling her wiggles, squirms, hiccups, kicks and also stretches all day which somehow intensify whenever I eat! She seems to get extremely excited during meal times and I can no longer conceal her movements. People find it rather scary and interesting at the same time when they see the little one move around. 

Before I get all occupied with Baby S, I'd like to post the answers to a lot of questions that I normally get at work or when I'm out and about.

1. Your tummy is so small! Do you even gain weight?
I think my tummy is small, too! Blame it all on genetics. My family has always have smaller frames, especially my dad's side. So far I've gained 11 kg throughout my pregnancy. I was 51-52kg before I got pregnant, which was alright for my height & body frame. But my gynae has assured me many times that small tummies are okay, as long as the baby is healthy & grows well inside! Because in many cases, people with larger tummies during pregnancy have higher body fat percentage especially around their tummy areas or they have more amniotic fluid inside. So no biggie if yours is small & your gynae gives the green light! Don't fret too much about the size, it's not important AT ALL.

2. Do you read to her?
Yes. Sometimes Reader's Digest, sometimes Enid Blyton series. Sometimes I just pinch her legs or hands whenever she stretches inside. We roll that way.

3. Do you sing & play songs to her, especially the instrumental tunes?
I sing to her all the time. I just play whatever songs that are in my Spotify, as long as they're not the PG-13 or heavy metal ones. She's listened to Spanish, K-pop, Mandopop, old Malay songs, random old English songs, Hindi and of course Adele. I'm not a fan of instrumental songs, so nope, I don't play those tunes to her.

The song that really gets her going is Adele's Hello. Definitely she's saying 'Hello from the other siiiiddeee, mommy!" 

4. How is your pregnancy? Do you feel overwhelmed by the pregnancy symptoms?
So far, I would say this has been an easy pregnancy. There was a short period of time where I felt nauseous and a little vomiting but those went away rather quickly. I overcame those pesky symptoms by drinking Ribena and a glass of Glucolin (one teaspoon ONLY per glass!). Those drinks definitely helped a lot to keep nausea at bay. Other than those symptoms, I have the usual back ache & also soreness around my pelvic area. Nothing unusual, I would say.

5. What kind of supplement do you consume?
My gynae prescribes calcium tablets, folic acid, Pramilet pills and of course the food for baby's brain, Neuro Gain PB. That's about it. I think those are sufficient.

6. People say drinking milk during pregnancy is good, but I can't even drink a tablespoon of it! So how?
YES! I fully agree that drinking milk, especially Anmum Materna during pregnancy is one hell of a good thing! I've never had leg cramps and also my skin has become noticeably fairer! If you have troubles downing a glass of Anmum Materna, try the mango flavoured one, OR, add half a teaspoon of blackcurrant Glucolin into your milk. I fully urge new moms to drink milk, don't just rely on your calcium tablets. 

7. Do you have troubles with your cravings?
Nope, none at all. I still love the same food I love before pregnancy, and I still hate the same food I hate before pregnancy. Nothing super weird like wanting to eat bars of soaps, or sniffing petrol. I have a strong affinity for sweet food though, like donuts with lots of powdered sugar. YUMMMM. 

8. Do you get leg cramps & stretch marks? How to avoid stretch marks?
So far, I don't have leg cramps but I do have nightly bouts of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). Uncomfortable, but bearable. As for stretch marks, zero appearance so far. Perhaps the milk helps? I don't know, but I'm thankful and glad they don't appear at all on my tummy. How to avoid stretch marks, if any? Use Bio Oil or virgin coconut oil. Apply twice a day. 

9. Is your skin constantly itchy? Mine was when I was pregnant with my baby!
So far, I don't have itchy skin. But I do feel some itchiness on my scalp sometimes. What's up with that? 

10. Any tips for new mums that are not cliches? 
Number 1, do what you think is best for your body. Listen to what other moms have to offer & advise, but at the end of the day, it's your body. If you want to continue exercising during pregnancy, go ahead! It's safe as long as you talk to your gynae about it. Weightlifting is still encouraged! But if you have a weak womb, I would suggest you stick to lighter exercises at home. So, to be safe, avoid strenuous activities during your first trimester, let your foetus grow safely first. 
Number 2, add half a teaspoon of blackcurrant Glucolin into your glass milk if you can't stand the milky taste. It really works wonders. 
Number 3, don't be a total couch potato if your pregnancy is a healthy one. Move around, walk a little & do light exercises. It helps to avoid drastic weight gain and it also exercises your legs.
Number 4, to save money on buying pregnancy-related books, download Pinterest app instead. You'll find a lot of useful posts in it, for zero cost! I totally rely on Pinterest for tips & advices. Plus, you can save a lot of cute baby and cat pics. 
Number 5, if you are worried about spending too much money for baby stuffs (especially for new parents), ask your close friends who have given birth before you. Perhaps they are more than willing to lend or even give some of the useful baby items that they may have never even used! Most new parents are so excited that they overspend on baby items that they end up never using. 

And that's it! Now, we're all anxious to wait for Baby S's arrival into this world! 

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