Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Miss Borneo Tourism 2010.

Okay, after lunch, oh man, my eyes, I was damn sleepy. Hold on, let's see what's on Astro now. Okay, Giuliana and Bill planning another wedding at Chicago. I watched that, because there was nothing else to watch. Suddenly, the big screen TV showed, "Your SmartCard is inactive. Please call Astro Customer Service." Paloi! Where's the bill??? This one is daddy's fault.

So I slept on the couch. At 6pm sharp, I woke up. It's automatic, my favorite TV show would be aired soon. The Nanny. So, I turned on the TV and Astro decoder, oh man, I forgot. T_T

I dragged my lazy bum to my room and switched on my laptop. First thing, Twitter. Then Facebook. Okay, 99++ notifications, friends commenting on my recent photo album. Okay, profile then. Scrolled down, then suddenly this attracted my attention.

I choked on my guava juice I made earlier and I lost the appetite to eat Chachos Cheesy Cheese snack. I started to click to Miss Borneo Tourism 2010 fanpage and there was the announcement. I went to the website, my face is there. 

I'm still hyperventilating and recovering from a huge shock now, I can still feel my fingers tremble a little bit. WHY? I honestly thought I failed the audition BIG time. The only talent I  have is singing. I don't know how to play any musical instruments. I dance for fun. They were looking for talented people, like Marie Digby, Colbie Caillat, Taylor Swift and so forth.

The Miss Borneo Tourism 2010 audition at Starbucks. Cool place right?


If my mum was here, she would be laughing at me and giving me the nah-ambik-kau look. It's her blessings that I made it to the finals. I like the picture, the pimple on my cheek was not visible! :D 

Ah, the story of my life. Nah, don't need to slap myself to make sure all of these are real. I choked on my guava juice, that's real enough.

I'm so stoked! I will get to visit Sabah earlier than I expected and I'm hoping to learn a lot of things from this pageant. 

Anyways, these are recent pictures of my boyfriend, my brother and I at a fun fair in MJC, Batu Kawah. If you ask me, the fun fair was a total bore. But I went on this boat ride, I thought it was innocently boring, but it turned out to be so horrifying because the only thing we held on to was a rail! Nothing else! 

As the boat swayed high back and forth, I screamed like a little girl and shouted "Justin Bieber, OMG!!!" because JB's entire album was played during the ride. T_T

Needless to say, I left the boat feeling EXTREMELY nauseous and dizzy that I knocked the wall while making my way to the bedroom. T_T

The fun fair. I wonder if they passed the Safety requirements.

I remember what I said before the ride started. "Boo, this is so boring." I was WRONG.

Pony ride.

My brother and my boyfriend. 

The 2 Chinese dudes were cursing me the entire time. "MCB ah. Wa be tahan oh." They cursed me for being so loud because they thought I didn't understand Hokkien. Sorry dudes, I DO! 

I understand Hokkien better than I do on Mandarin. Probably because I was surrounded by Hokkien-speaking friends back in high school. 

I'm feeling nauseous seeing the picture.

Ok, see you in Kota Kinabalu! :D

P.S.: I got it from my mama!


Gnet said...

Congrats Pris. Confidence is the key. Believe in yourself. :) When is the competition? :)

Priscilla Stephen said...

thank u babe! It'll be from 29th July to 6th August. hehe


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