Sunday, July 04, 2010

21 years had come and gone.

It's just one of those days that I'm thankful for. 

I'm thankful for hugs. I'm thankful for kisses. I'm thankful for friends who got hurt by the mean things people say about me, and called just to say hi.

I'm thankful I finally finished reading Kate Mosse- The Winter Ghosts; I started reading it in February, read a few pages every other day and finally flipped the last page today. Good book, it is.

Featured in one of Sabah's newpaper column. Also at Borneo Post. :D

Mandy and I had dinner with Jakeman and his friend Ramesh at Gossip.

We all agreed on one thing; the place SUCKS like hell. Food was below mediocre. The only thing I'd come back for is the gorgeous sofas. Embedded with huge rhinestones!

Miss Gorgeous and I looking orange. Oompa Loompa??

Posed with our Amazing Potato Salad. Yeah, very "amazing."

Group pic! :) Our long, awaited dinner with Mr. Big/Jakeman, WITHOUT Farah. That amoi, all the way in KL right now.

There, a human staircase. LOL. The 5 feet 5, the 5 feet 7 and the 6 feet 3.

After the dinner, Mandy and I went to Hijau, to blend in with the crowd watching football match. Haha. Bad idea.

Here's something to gasp at.

Would you buy it? Haha. Even La Mer's essence cremes are much cheaper!


reeyau said...

is dat jakeman as in d dj guy?

Priscilla Stephen said...

yap! he's Hitz.FM GM. hehe


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