Monday, July 05, 2010

Marry me. Change me.

Many of you may have read my pimples woes on my Twitter and Facebook. Ever since I ran out of my beloved skincare products, Loreal Pure Zone, pimples pop out like crazy on my chin area. I'm currently using Za True White Plus and Loreal DermaGenesis products. 

So far, my skintone is more even and silkier to touch all thanks to Za. However, it didn't stop the pimples from popping out. I love DermaGenesis Pore Minimizing Smoother gel cream to bits because it works just fine on my face. It delivers what it promises; reduces my pore sizes. 

I used to have quite visible pores on my T-zone and after a month of using this gel cream, my pores were reduced, like by 80% at least! I love it and I love the texture. 

I've been contemplating on what products that I should buy to reduce these pimples and prevent further ones from popping out to say hello. I've considered Biotherm Aquasource, ProActiv, Eucerin, Clinelle, Simple, The Face Shop, Nature Republic and Neutrogena. 

Let's skip BodyShop, Clearasil, Oxy and Clean & Clear. They totally don't work at all on my skin.

Sigh. Let's mourn for Loreal Pure Zone and the products' discontinuation. BOO YOU Loreal peeps! Why discontinue such a good skincare range?? Many girls are mourning for the loss. 

I finished my last bottle of the Deep Exfoliating Gel wash a few months ago, and I tell you, HALLELUJAH to all pimples! All pimple hell breaks loose. 

"Where should we show ourselves??"
"Forehead?" NO! "Nose?" NO! "Cheeks?" YES! "Chin?" YES! And they all did the fist pumps beneath my skin surface. Hence, this. All on the right side of my face.

All sweaty after working out. See the cute pimples? *long sigh* And yes, I have 4 piercings on my ear lobe there, if you notice.

Scary right? Not a fan of Photoshop. What you see is what you get. I don't liquify or cover up my pimples.

I seldom had pimples before, all thanks to Loreal Pure Zone. Not even the worst menstruation could stir up pimples. 

So, this morning I was determined to get out of bed and got everything done; my debt with CAIS, my graduation letter at BPPS and tHe Spring.

Yes, I owed CAIS RM 18.20. BIG deal. T_T After getting my things done in UNIMAS, I went to Spring. I bought Nature Republic's Blemish Lab AC skincare range.

I did not buy the cleanser because I still have tons at home. 

Anti Blemish Ampoule. The cute salesgirl pronounced it as "Empul". :D RM 73.90

AC Control Essence. RM 57.90 See, Rain is doing the peek-a-boo. :P

And free gifts!

The salesgirl gave me 2 bottles of White Therapy toner & emulsion as well as a pack of mask! NICE!

I'm excited to put these on my face. I'll update you on the verdict after 2 weeks okay? :D Now, I'm focusing on detoxifying myself by doing cardio (running/ skipping rope) for at least 20 minutes and another 20 minutes on workouts (squats, pushups, lunges). I keep a large bottle of mineral water by my bed whenever I'm online. I'm hopelessly fit? :P

To set the record straight, FIT and SKINNY are NOT the same. If you're thinking it's the same, you must run around the track 10 times and see if your views are still the same.

P.S.: Eclipse is kinda boring. Buy DVD instead. I watched it 3 days ago, and I was like, come on Bella! I just can't wait to watch Breaking Dawn. :P Renesmee. 

P.S.S: Team Jacob!

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