Saturday, August 14, 2010

Miss Borneo Tourism Queen International 2010.

I don't know much about other beauty pageants, but this one is in the top of my Most Emotional beauty pageant list. Us Sarawakian girls went through so many difficulties that put our inner strength to test. The pageant was emotionally draining, up to the point where we were willing to buy our own flight tickets back and quit the pageant.

Charity Fashion show at Hyatt.

In casual outfit.

I also received calls from my Dean and Deputy Dean regarding my Masters, which required me to meet them personally. It was absolutely emotional for all of us, and we decided that enough is enough. So, that was why some of you read from my Twitter that I quit the pageant. Yes, we did quit the pageant and we went back to our hometowns, but for my case, I went to Bintulu to meet up with my boyfriend there.

In the sponsored wedding gown.

In our own black dresses. I bought this dress online, all thanks to Marciana who helped me to order this! :D

However, we decided to come back because we had so much love and support from the Sabah Tourism Board people, as they gave us their assurance that everything would be well taken care of. We trusted them, so we came back to Sabah. We were greeted by the STB people at the airport along with bouquets of flowers, which made us felt so appreciated and loved. 

So, during the pageant week, we went to Kundasang for the homestay program at Walai Tokou Homestay. Kundasang is damn cold, just like Genting during rainy season! I envy the people there, as they don't need any fan or airconds to keep them cool. We were shivering like crazy when it started to rain. I love that place. We danced and sang the night away as part of the program.

At Pekan Nabalu. That's Mount Kinabalu behind me!

Crazy pose!


The performance by the Walai Tokou's band. They performed in RMWF 2009.

Doing the sumayau dance.

Teaching them a few Ngajat steps. :D


After the Kundasang trip, we had a photoshoot at Benny's studio, which theme was 30's style. Our hair and makeup were done according to that decade's hottest trend. Then, came the long awaited diving day. It was the International Cleanup day at Mamutik and Manukan Island. We planted baby corals as well as picked bags of wastes thrown into the sea. I was excited like crazy, because I could dive!

Mr Clement Lee presenting us with the certificate for the program.

Look at the wastes we found underwater!


Peace to all the marine life!

The grand finale night was held on the 6th August at Hyatt's Kimanis Ballroom. I was relieved that the night finally came and that simply meant, I'd be going home the next day. We were excited that the everything would end soon, but sad at the same time because we'd part ways after that. I grew to love Sabah and the people in a month, and I was kind of reluctant to leave Sabah. I managed to do a little shopping before leaving to Kuching with Chloe and Samantha.

God, I love them so much. 

Pre judging on the 5th.

My dress was sponsored by Pearl Bridal Studio. Much love!

First round, traditional costume. Ooooo HA!

Second round, casual outfit.

Third round, evening dress.

I won the Miss Friendly title. Haha.

I was so happy as if I won the Miss Borneo title. haha!

With gorgeous peeps!

After the whole thing ended, Chloe, Dewina, Sam and I spent the morning eating at Upperstar and shared stories. For us first timers, this pageant really left a huge impact on our lives and it actually shaped our characters indirectly. 

Nevertheless, I'm thankful for the opportunity and the people in it. There are some dramas that ensued after the pageant, you can read that on Miss Borneo's fanpage. It just shocks me how vulgar people can be, especially at young age. 

It also scares me of what people are made of when they say, "Everyone thought I deserve to win." It's very upsetting. It's really not the kind of thing to say out loud, but I guess it's the way they were brought up that led them to think that way. 

So, to all those who are thinking of joining any beauty pageants, make sure you're tough enough to accept criticisms and to deal with people of different backgrounds. Beauty pageants are not that glamorous on the inside. It's like going to war, only the battlefield is surrounded by glitters and all things that sparkle.

I can guarantee you it's made of Gossip Girls and also Pretty Little Liars, as well as maybe future Desperate Housewives. :D


nick said...

hahah... kundasang almost like genting highland.. there are no aircond... only fan.. sejuk!!!! hahah

reeyau said...

i didnt know u btl2 balit prisc, cos i way away 8 dat time. thn balit2 i saw gambar kt bintulu. hope it was a good experience 4 u. =)

Shana said...

Babe..ur welcome. looked glamorous in that dress. Don't have to buy expensive to look glamorous kan..


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