Saturday, August 14, 2010


OMG! It's been soooo long since I last updated my blog. So many things have happened and I've been so busy with the beauty pageant. I'm glad to tell you guys that I won Miss Friendly title, and boy, is that title cute or not! :) I didn't expect to win anything, much less that title. LOL. It was my first pageant, and I expected nothing from it. 

It has been a very emotional month for me, and it's safe to say, that pageant is my first and last pageant. I was skeptical of joining any beauty pageants because I know, it's not all green on the other side. It may look glamorous and grand on the outside, but once you're inside, you can be suffocated and overwhelmed by the pageant and the people. I gave this pageant a chance, because I had nothing to do after finishing my degree, and I had nothing to lose.

After a dive at Pulau Suluq. 30 minutes felt like 5 minutes. 

I'm thankful that I joined this pageant, because I learned how to dive. I've always wanted to dive and explore the sea world. It was the main highlight of the pageant. So, now I am a certified diver!

With my dive master, Evan. Checking our equipments.

Posing underwater. haha

Come here Nemo!

Look at my face! Haha.


I was scared at first, as I felt as if I'd drown underwater or be so helpless. During our first dive, while descending, my ears felt a sudden sharp pain. I forgot that I needed to equalize so that my ears wouldn't hurt. I panicked, and quickly pressed my BCD's inflation button. WOOOSHH! I ascended like a rocket to the surface. My dive master followed behind and asked me what's wrong. That was the first time I panicked underwater. 

Sting ray!

The second time was when the instructor asked us to fill our mask with water and empty it by dodging our heads back and exhaled really hard to squeeze the water out. I hate doing it, until today. I panicked when I accidentally breathed in salt water and my eyes felt really sore. So, yeah, I ascended to the surface like a rocket, again. 

Certified diver! OWHH YEAHH!

All of that happened on my first dive. I was like, God, I don't want to do this anymore. But, I eventually got the hang of it, and I enjoyed every single minute of diving. I'm now addicted to it! Life underwater is so much more peaceful, and the sea world is just so awesome. Too bad people are so ignorant and selfish, because there are so many wastes underwater! People even throw school bags into the sea. Ever heard of rubbish bins??

A day out with Dee! Lunch at One Borneo. 

After a long shoot at Hyatt, we had dinner at Waterfront. With the gorgeous view of the sea and Pulau Gaya.

Dinner with Sabah Tourism Board people. :) I love them.

Video shoot at Cock and Bull Bar.

Flowers from STB. Awwww

Me singing Feels like home by Chantal Kreviazuk on Talent Night. 

With the winner of Best Talent as well as Miss Borneo Tourism 2010, Elaine Lee!

The diving part was fun. The talent night was memorable, because after the whole thing ended, a few Westerners approached me and told me that my singing was so graceful that they won't ever forget it. I remember the exact words one of them said to me, "Your voice was so lovely, and I will never forget your voice when you sang that song." I felt so touched. It meant so much more as they were total strangers, and they actually told me how they felt about my performance even though they didn't know me.

Who wouldn't feel honored? :) I have posted the video on Youtube. I was recovering from fever and bad cough that day. I drank so much water that I peed so often. T_T

Anyway, I'll continue in the next post. This one is too long. :P

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