Monday, October 25, 2010

Graduation 2010.

Finally! I graduated on the 10th of October 2010. It was indeed a glorious day, as my beloved besties and families came to my graduation on a hot Sunday afternoon. This post is delayed, really. 

My family members who came that wonderful day.

My beloved zombie who became the tour guide of the day for my family members.

Boyfriend and my aunt.


When I was in the hall, I felt so overwhelmed with my mom's absence that I had to fight the tears from falling. It was not easy, but I managed when a father of a fellow student who died from an accident came up to the stage in honor of his daughter. It must have been harder for him. 

My grandparents from my dad's side and my grandma. Cute aren't they?

Flowers from everyone that came. :)

My two cute besties. 

With dearest Audrey.

With dearest Dayang.

I am grateful that I was greeted by my two besties outside of the hall. They rock! After the graduation, my family members and I went to my mum's grave to share my day with her. I'm sure she had the grandest seat ever to watch my graduation ceremony, because as I entered the car after the visit, a song about heaven was aired on Mix. Fm. Coincidence? Don't think so. :)

Shared my flowers with her. I miss my best friend.

The next day, I had dinner with my besties and Ruth's mum at Barsaga. Ruth's mum treated us a good dinner and laughter, as well as a birthday gift for me! She's such an awesome mum. Ruth, if you're reading this, your mom is an angel!


These two became instant besties the moment I introduced them to each other. :D

Off frame a lil bit. :P


With aunty! We all love her, kan Ruth??

Teehee. Candid or what??

Then, during the weekend, I treated my family & relatives to a mini vacation at Sematan. I booked a VIP bungalow at Holiday Chalet Sematan to fit 20 people in it. Yep, 20. The mini vacation was for my graduation, and birthday celebrations; my cousins whose birthdays fall on the same day and my birthday! I ordered a large birthday cake from my boyfriend's aunt as normal sized cakes would not be sufficient to feed 20 people.

As my friend, Nat said, I've taken graduation pictures to a whole new level. 

My boyfriend and I decided to take our robes along to Sematan. :) I'm a sucker when it comes to beaches. 

 With my cousins before they went out to the pool. :D These kids are swimming pool addicts.


 The boys enjoying themselves. The one sitting is my boyfriend.

The three peeps who celebrated their birthdays. 

Congratulations to all who have graduated and also to those who will graduate. :) Life's a rollercoaster.

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reeyau said...

she is a blessing to all of us. =) im glad she made u happy.

darn, i miss those times when i was a kid and also a swimming pool addict.


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