Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Yes, it has been exactly a month since I last wrote an entry. Apologies. :D I seriously don't know why I have not had the urge to update my blog, probably because I am too busy being a lazy bum. I've just came back from my Sabah trip and now I am preparing for my convocation. I'll not post many pictures from my Sabah trip here, if you want to see the rest, well, Facebook baby. But I don't add random people. :) Pics are in random order.

At Poring Hot Spring's canopy walkway.

I believe this canopy walkway is featured in Truly Asia's commercial. Check it out!

At Gaya Street's Sunday market. It's a heaven for pearl & accessories lovers.

Our last night at KK, dinner at Gaya Seafood with Chloe & Gab, whom we adore so much. They had helped us tremendously during our stay there. So, HUGS!

At Atmosphere, a rotating restaurant at Menara Tun Mustapha.

Our first day at KK. Waterfront.

At Jesselton Point.

We took a ferry ride to Labuan, just to shop for chocolates & liquors. But, tada! KML. Memories.

At the Chimney.

Things we bought in Labuan. 

Dinner at Tanjung Aru's beach. 

With my gorgeous friend, Chloe!

An island day!

We did parasailing. It was AWESOME! It was RM80 per person. 

Lasted for 15 great minutes.

Frolicking in the sun!

Diving, of course! Paid RM250 for 2 dives.

During my second dive, I saw a shipwreck!

At Kudat. Look at the picturesque view behind us.

With Dino who was so kind to drive us there! 

At Sabah Museum's car display. Nice huh?

At Lok Kawi Wildlife Centre. Tigers here were absolutely gorgeous.

At Kundasang. It was not as cold as the last time I went here. :(

At Kundasang War Memorial. 

Sabah is an amazing place. I'll never get tired of this state. For a diver like me, the islands here are the perfect getaways and perfect spots to dive.

We're already planning for our next trip here, probably next year! :D

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