Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Puteri Metro.

Who knew this opportunity would come? :) My friend, Angelica got her full page spread on Harian Metro as Puteri Metro. She looked gorgeous! Then, she contacted me if I wanted to be interviewed by Metro journalist, Michelle.

Why not? :D Wouldn't pass that chance now, would I?

We had the interview done at a cafe near NSTP. Michelle and I bonded immediately, she's so bubbly! We shared stories for almost 2 hours and she told that my spread would be out the next day.

So, before I sent my tuition schedule to the tuition center, I bought a copy of Harian Metro today. Yes peeps, I'm currently working at a tuition center to teach English to primary school kids. :D Better work and earn your own money right? 

How wonderful my morning was!

I chose the pin-up makeup look. Simplest & easiest to do.

Funniest parts. Bidayuh & My DOB, 1985. 
Haha! Doi hal, okuk ponai sinda bidayuh. Tiak okuk mili frame.

Who would've thought? :) Blessings. 
Thank you very much Michelle! Great job!

When Michelle asked me about my dreams, animals came into my mind immediately. Seeing SSPCA's area and lack of necessities upsets me, as the animals kept there have to be placedinto rather small cages due to lack of cages as well as spaces. There are also cases of owners who give up on training their dogs and cats, thus placing them at the center. Have you ever watched Animals Cops on Animal Planet? 

Notice how they care for the animals and the great lengths they go to ensure the animals are well taken care of as well as safe? SSPCA cannot provide such privileges to the animals housed there, because they are short of funds. While the government is busy discussing about building the RM 5billion tower, animals are being killed by ignorant people and get away with the crimes they did.

If you have pets of your own, I'm sure it hurts to see your pets die. Malaysia's law to protect the animals is wretched. Read this story. Unless you're cold hearted, did it infuriate you? I highly doubt the government has time to discuss about animals now, so it's all up to us, the citizens. 

People like this give me hope that someday we can treat what God has given us much better than now. I'd like to have my own shelter for stray animals and receive supports from various people. If that couldn't work, collaborating with SSPCA would be an excellent move. 

Cats, dogs, healthy, scabbies, burned, scalded, lost their limbs, blind and so forth. They breathe, too. 

Someday, humans will treat me better. :)

You don't have to believe me
But the way, the way I see it.
Next time you point a finger
I might have to bend it back
Or break it, break it off.
Next time you point a finger,
I'll point you to the mirror. 


Gnet said...

ahh so this is it! heheh 1985 pris? :P
and yes, FFF is just awesome. You heard of cekap? They're saving doggies too. It hurts me to see these angels get abandoned or treated badly :(

reeyau said...

kacak ur makeup. i was about to tell u to wear something with laces. and you did!! so pretty. congrats on d spread. susah woo mok masuk newspaper when it's something positive u want to talk about nowadays.


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