Monday, November 29, 2010

5-year plans.

November will end soon, and December will march its way in. Christmas decorations are placed in malls and homes. Christmas carols are played for us to hum along while shopping for things, but in my case, I sing them out loud. :) Yesterday was Advent's first Sunday, November 28th.

Yesterday would have been my mum's 51st birthday. Happy birthday, my angel. :)

I have no doubt, she had the best celebration ever. We could only offer prayers and tears for her, but God gave her everything she had ever wanted while she was still here. I dream about her every now and then, and there are days I pretend that she's still around. It's still hard, and I can't believe how some people could actually laugh about this.

Anyway, life must go on, it does not come with a full stop when things don't go our way. Speaking of which, have you fulfilled any of your New Year's resolutions? In my humble opinion, resolutions are overrated, as many swore to get them done, but never really found a way to get around it. While cleaning up my book rack last year, I found a piece of paper where my resolutions were written on it. 

Sure, I did some of them, but it was kind of a let down when I realized I did not act upon most of my resolutions. I was egocentric too, where most of my resolutions were about myself. Not once did I thought of doing something for others. Not once did I thought of giving something to others. :( 

This year, I have decided that resolutions are out, plans are in. I'm getting older each year, and I take that challenge to be a wiser person. When my mum was around, she would discuss about my future with me and she would help me to decide. It's explicable that plans  may fail, too, but hey, at least it will keep my head straight. Throughout the year, I've given so much thoughts to my future. To be honest, I do NOT know my ambition. 

When I was younger, I thought of becoming a pilot, a fireman, doctor, lawyer, teacher, astronaut, scientist, and so forth. When I finished my degree, my ambition was a vague impression. What was your ambition back then? 

So I came up with my very own 5-year plans. Well, I don't think it's original though hehe. These are the things I want to achieve in the span of 5 years starting next year according to order:

1. Finish my Masters by 2012.
I hope that I will not slack off and procrastinate on conducting surveys as well as observations. I'd like to have a Masters degree by the time I turn 24. :)

2.. Get engaged by 2012. 
I've been dating the same guy for 5 years and we have talked about this. I mean, which couple wouldn't? We've talked about slowly settling down as a couple and to take our relationship to a new level. I've discussed this with my family and my relatives, so far, green lights. :) 

3. Travel every year.
I love to immerse myself in cultures and nature, and traveling around the world is such a wonderful thing to do. With my current salary, I save 10% of it just for traveling expenses every month. I know, there are things that bound to come my way and disrupts the plan, but hey, worth the shot. I plan to travel around Malaysia first; starting small is always good

4. Own a house or a car or both.
When I get a better paying job in the near future, I would love to buy my first car. It's just that pure satisfaction of buying something with your own hard-earned money. I also hope that I will be able to buy a house for my future family. :)

I want to have this in my house. :)

5. Save more money in ASB.
I think women should have their own savings just in case of any emergencies. Husbands are the bread winners, however women can too! I personally think it's empowering when women are able to fend for themselves and be independent despite having husbands. If you want something, go get it yourself. Right?

6. Own a Husky.
Huskies are tough to be owned. They're independent and basically smarter than other dogs, not to mention, much much more playful! Huskies require cool places to live in, and Malaysia's climate is no help. So, when I have my own house, I'd love to own a Husky, or a German Shepherd. 

7. Pledge to be a child sponsor via World Vision as well as monthly donations to SSPCA.
It only takes RM 50 per month to sponsor a child who really needs someone like you. Perhaps a new twist to your current resolution? As for SSPCA, I think I've said enough on my previous post. :)

Last but not least, this is my biggest plan of all. With God's blessings, I hope this will be a good ending to my 5-year plans: To get married. 

It's every girl's dream to get married, is it not? Garden or beach weddings are always wonderful, but again, Malaysia's climate is very unforgiving. It could rain! 

Pics taken for the Metro shoot. 

Have a blessed Advent. :)

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

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Anonymous said...

when u sd green light from your families. ngam2 ur bf wear green baju..

Your surely encounter more good things in the future.
God bless you and your family, pris.

Merry christmas and a happy new year. Nice meeting you in sabah.

love marciana


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