Friday, December 31, 2010

Here's to a better year and you!

New Year will be happening in less than 24 hours, and year end sales are happening everywhere. Malls are packed and roads are terribly jammed. People are making endless resolutions and trying to tie 2010's ends up. 

Me? Resolutions are long forgotten and I think leaving your memories in 2010 abruptly is just as bad. I'm all for WILL do and SHOULD do. Let's be grateful that God has given us yet another year to try to be a better person and another year to discover the purpose of life. If you are in the midst of writing same ol' resolutions, stop right there. Resolutions are just plain excuses to boost self-esteem, in other words, to put false hopes and sigh at the end of the year when you didn't achieve them.

I've heard and read my fair share of people's resolutions and I found two common ones: To stop smoking and to lose weight. Both are hard to achieve, though not impossible. Both require a lot of efforts and perseverance, not just mere thoughts. If you are doing it half-heartedly, you are bound to fall back and do the same thing again. It's human nature to be tempted and weak. 

Smoking is an excessive habit, that is hard to curb. Losing weight generally means dieting. If you want to stop smoking, it takes more than just to say, I want to stop this habit. It's in every bit of your soul to not be tempted to pick up a cigarette and light it up. It takes days and months or even years to refrain from smoking. It's addictive. 

And to those who are exercising to look good but smoke like there's no tomorrow? There's really no point that you have a well-built body when your organs inside are slowly dying due to lack of smoke-free air and nicotine-free blood cells.

Call that, The Irony.

Dieting is almost useless if you're on a yo yo diet. To lose weight is to lose it healthily. Changing your meal plans will only make yourself weaker to temptations. To lose weight is to exercise. Start small, then gradually vary your exercise routines. There is NO shortcut to lose weight, because if there was any, all you'd get at the end of that shortcut is weight gain due to binge eating.

So, make NO resolutions, just focus on what you WILL do, and SHOULD do. Don't begin when the year ends or starts; just start on any given day. Why wait for new years to start doing better things? :)

To my friends, thank you for being such awesome people. I'm sorry if I've hurt your feelings in any way. Let's focus on life's plans, together! :)

To perverts out there, find your own girlfriends to sleep with, pronto!

To those who have hurt my feelings, it's time you understand that by hurting me, you're not any smarter or better, any second of the day.  

To 2011

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